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Cantine d'Offizi, vini sfusi di qualità

Cantine D'Offizi wine, sale and production of quality unbottled wines...

Open your new wine store!


Stefano and Antonio brothers' Cantine D'Offizi wine produce and sell high quality unbottled wine all around Italy; the use of vintage grapes assures on our tables a made in Italy product.


Receivers of our unbottled wines are:

- Cantine D'Offizi wine shops
- restaurants, wine shops and supermarkets
- bottlers

Deliveries are made with own means of transport in small and huge quantities, with wooden casks and tank lorries.

We can open new wine shops in Russia, Bulgaria, Polonia, Croazia, Repubblica Ceca, Ucraina, Slovenia and Europe.

Vintage is the harvesting of grapes that have ripened from July to October.
Vinification is the bio-chimical transformation of grapes into wine. During the maceration, used in the beginning of the fermentation of the must, you get polyphenols, which are inside the peel and seeds.

Maceration allows the extraction of phlavonoids and other substances related to the temperature and the during of the contact with the peel. If the maceration is short ( less than 24 hours ), it generally produces rosè wines. Macerations of three-five days produce, instead, new wines to be drunk immediately. A long maceration, from 7 to 21 days, produces old wines. Wine is a fermented alcoholic drink only got from the fermentation ( total or partial ) of the grapes or the must.

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