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During the 80’s, Italy discovered the pleasure of living in luxury. Many people began to drink high quality wine, the bottled one, advertised by magazines and served in the most famous restaurants. It was a very big change in many people’s habits and lifestyle. The several wine establishments which distributed vintage wine without label, name, bottle, package and advertisement had to thake an important decision for their future: beginning to produce labelled and bottled wine, reducing their business or closing.
But, during that difficult period, near Rome, a strong and determined man, with his family’s support, decided to carry on his activity and not to follow the big evolution the wine business had got. He actually had the courage and the strenght to go on with his activity.

That man died too soon, his name was Sergio D’Offizi.

He knew his job very well, because his family has always done that kind of job for more than a century. Before dieing, he taughth his sons Antonio and Stefano all the secrets of his activity. Today, Stefano and Antonio, with the precious support of their sister Moira, lead an amazing business near Rome, the " D’Offizi Wines ". We went to vist them in their modern site of Castelli Romani ( Rome ) and we talked with them, drinking some delicious wine.

Let’s start with the begin. Always unbottled wine...
This is the peculiarity of our business. You can find our name only on the visit cards and the headed paper.Then, everything is severely anonimous, because our purpose is the production and the marketing of wine. Our wine is ideal for people who wants to sell it or uses it in large quantity. Everyone must be free to use our wine according to his necessities: bottling it, selling it unbottled or using it for private needs. Labelling our wine means to limit a lot our business.

D’Offizi Wines, a successful enterpreneurial story.
Where do you work?
All around Italy, from the North to the South. We almost sell our product everywhere. We are appreciated for some peculiarities and for our service which has been realized to follow the purposes we mentioned before.

How does the supplying happen?
We buy musts from everyone who produces good wine, from privates or cooperative wine growers’ associations. We always check our suppliers and we really trust them. With our wine expert, we do each phase of the production and we keep the ended product in high quality steel storage bins.

From producers to customers, or ( better ) to resellers
Cantine D’Offizi opened their first ten shops in Lazio in 2004. Then, many other shops were opened all around Italy and since 2010 also abroad. We would like to reduce the movements we do during the year, in order to reduce costs and bridge the gap between the producer and the customer. Results are encouraging and we start having requests to open new shops from other commercial partners.

So, the business of unbottled wine is coming back again In this period of economic crisis, people looks for high quality products which are also not very expensive. Unbottled wine is one of these products. Customers can buy our wine without paying the price of the bottle, the label, the wholesaler, the business agent and the advertisement.

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