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Do you have a passion for wine or do you want to create a chance in the world of work?

Contact the D’Offizi brothers and immediately start selling wine and making money.
With over 50 years of experience, today we are present in the area with over 200 stores.

With only 4,000 euros of investment you have the opportunity to open your bulk wine franchise!

With 4,000 euros you will receive:
the wine to sell,
the useful material for the delivery of wine: 8 stainless steel tanks and support bases or 8 taps for wines in bag in box

Just find a store and you’re ready to go!
Bulk wine franchising
Also to advertise your business, we offer you an internet page to increase your visibility directly on our site.

Fratelli D’Offizi, is available for new openings of franchised outlets in Italy and abroad.

Do not wait ... contact us !

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